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Spawning School

The Great Barrier Reef stands as one of the world's oldest natural wonders, with First Nations people living alongside the evolution of this vast coral ecosystem for millennia.

In December 2023, as the Great Barrier Reef birthed the new generation of corals in the annual mass spawning event, the Hub was working with Traditional Owners to study this ancient marine ecosystem – observing the spawning process from fertilisation to the transformation of larvae into baby corals. 

The Hub led a seven-day ‘Spawning School’ in collaboration with Reef Recruits, this was attended by local Land & Sea Rangers and filmed by ReefCast. This practical learning program trained Rangers in rearing coral larvae and conducting experiments to understand more about larval settlement.

The rangers also helped to lead a community day to showcase the project with community members of all ages. This was an important opportunity to connect the to connect Elders and community members with coral spawning and share the collective passion for the Reef’s future.


You can see the short summary video that ReefCast produced below. For more details on each step in the process you can check out this article on the Reef Recruits website.

“This collaboration between Traditional Owners and researchers is significant, because working together in all areas of research is key to sustainable custodianship of the Reef. Walking together, not in front or behind but side by side in solidarity”
Malachi Johnson, ReefCast

Who we are

A place-based initiative to strategically enhance, empower and connect the efforts of diverse local organisations to support the Great Barrier Reef, resulting in transformative benefit.

What we do

  1. Build a skilled network

  2. Facilitate collaborative, practical reef science

  3. Champion local voices

Outcomes we support

  • Strengthen collective capacity to care for local reefs and benefit the community

  • Identify critical gaps in Reef knowledge and practices, and drive solutions that benefit partners and the wider sector

  • Shine a light on local efforts and build partnerships

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