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John Edmonson

Recruitment Tile Study

A collective of local organisations looked at relative coral recruitment both within and among five reefs in the region following mass spawning in late 2023. This project was a resounding success in collaborating to collect meaningful data while building skills to identify new coral recruits. The data and training will hopefully be the start of a long term Hub program to support studies of reef connectivity!

We will be sharing our initial results from this project very soon, a huge thank you to all of the Hub network who deployed tiles on their reefs and who joined us in the lab to help count coral recruits on these tiles.

John Edmonson

John Edmonson

Who we are

A place-based initiative to strategically enhance, empower and connect the efforts of diverse local organisations to support the Great Barrier Reef, resulting in transformative benefit.

What we do

  1. Build a skilled network

  2. Facilitate collaborative, practical reef science

  3. Champion local voices

Outcomes we support

  • Strengthen collective capacity to care for local reefs and benefit the community

  • Identify critical gaps in Reef knowledge and practices, and drive solutions that benefit partners and the wider sector

  • Shine a light on local efforts and build partnerships

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